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Ear Treatment
Nose Treatment
Throat Treatment
Facial Cosmetics
Head and Neck Cancer

No.1 ENT Hospital in North India

Pankaj ENT hospitals in Lucknow is one and only complete Ear, Nose and Throat hospital in Lucknow with advanced techniques for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of ear, nose, throat and facial cosmetic surgery.

It fulfils all requirements of international standards as far as diagnosis & treatment part is concerned.
Pankaj ENT Hospital was established with state of art facilities and best percentage of results of surgical procedures?

M.B.B.S., M.S. (ENT),
K.G.M.C., Lucknow

This hospital is serving this part of country.Pankaj ENT Hospital has its own Audiology department,
Speech Therapy, chemist shop. Endoscopy unit, Allergy clinic, Vertigo clinic, Hearing aid Shop, facial cosmetic unit.

AC and non AC rooms general ward, well trained staff and round the clock availability of resident ENT surgeon and helpline. As far as the packages of surgery are concerned,
they are very affordable even by a low income citizen. This hospital has special arrangements for diagnosis and treatment for malignancies’ of Ear, Nose and Throat.
All types of laser facial cosmetic surgery & fillers are routinely done here.

Traind in :
Cochlear Implant-Wurzberg Uni. GERMANY
Laser ENT Surgery-Seoul KOREA
Micro Ear Surgery-SINGAPORE
Micro Ear Surgery-House Ear Institute, U.S.A.
Digital Hearing Aid-Copenhagen, DENMARK
Micro Ear Surgery-Zurich, SWITERZERLAND
Invisible Hearing Aid-AMSTERDAM
Invisible Hearing Aid-OSLO


New Introduction

1- Sialendoscopy

2- Stroboscopy

3- Hair Transplant

4- VideoNsytagmography

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